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The COVID-19 crisis has created numerous difficulties and opportunities for local churches. It is understandable that people may desire an explanation for Grace Fellowship’s responses to the crisis, with regard to meetings in person.

As Christians, we are responsible to love and care for others. This includes making sure that we are concerned for the health of others. For many Christians, it is not easy to know exactly how to respond to the COVID problem, especially with regard to government mandates and churches gathering for worship. The US Supreme Court has already ruled that religious gatherings are exempt from government mandates regarding COVID restrictions. While our Constitutional rights in this matter are clear, those “rights” should not be the focus for Christians, because they are superseded by our calling to love God and love people. Whatever your views may be on this matter or however strongly you hold those views, none of us really know all that we need to about this issue; so humility should guide us. At the same time, we are called to gather to worship God and people desperately need the church to be present and active (especially as mental health and suicide statistics rise, the church has an important role to play).

Since there is a government-approved vaccine available for adults and children, we respect the rights of people to follow their own convictions regarding becoming vaccinated. The same can be
said for the wearing of masks. Therefore, we are making available various options for worship with Grace Fellowship:


  1. Worship at home - We are making every effort to ensure our online worship experience is excellent.

  2. Join us on campus - You can remain outdoors (weather permitting) with or without a mask.

  3. Join us indoors - With or without a mask. It's up to you.

Whatever you choose, grace, kindness, respect, and unity should be our priorities. Nobody is required to attend worship services in person. But if you do come and you prefer to wear a mask, please do so. We recommend that those who (for whatever reason) choose to remain unvaccinated, wear a mask indoors. However, we do not insist upon it and we will respect everyone’s right to medical privacy. We simply ask that people to not be selfish or cavalier with the concerns and needs of others and that we refrain from judging one another. Let’s act like Jesus, even during these divisive times; and let’s respect that these are matters of personal conviction and practical application of biblical principles, not issues of doctrine.

If you have questions or concerns, please email the church at and we will gladly follow up with you.

Thank you,

The Elders



Revised 12/15/2021

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