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We’re really excited about Jesus Christ. Each one of us is living in the blessing of His love, grace and mercy every day. We have devoted ourselves, first and foremost, to loving Him. We express our love to Jesus by worshiping Him with our whole lives. We do this by worshiping Him during our times of private, personal worship and also when we gather together to worship Him every Sunday morning.




We were never meant to walk through life alone. God created us to live in community with one another. Jesus taught that the surest testimony to the reality of our faith would be our love for one another.That’s why we’re devoted to “doing life” together. At Grace Fellowship, you’ll find a place not only to believe, but also to belong.  Come fellowship with us.




Jesus said that He came to give us abundant life. There are so many people that are not experiencing the fullness of that kind of life.

We’ve all heard the statistics. The crime rates, poverty, broken families and broken lives. Surely, this is not what God intended for us. Jesus has given His hope to the world through the Bible and His church. Let’s dispense that hope; along with God’s mercy and grace. 

Let’s do it together

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