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The church is not just called to wish people well; we’re called to do what we can to help.  The Fixers, are a team dedicated to offering practical help to those in need. We work with our hands and our tools, doing repair work and maintenance.  We work on cars, houses, and anything else in need of repair, for those who are not able to do it themselves.  So, if you are handy with a toolbox and like to make a difference in people’s lives, this just might be the ministry team for you.  If you have a practical need that you don’t have the knowledge or resources to fix, give the Fixers a call.  They just might be able to help.





Simply put, we fix stuff. We have several individuals in our church that are skilled in certain trades and are willing to help those in need. From fixing appliances to helping with lawn care and auto repairs. The heart behind this ministry is to help those that have a practical need and are unable, either physically or financially, to meet that need. While we can’t help everyone fill every need, we are able to help some. So, please reach out by emailing us at


If you have a practical skill that you think could be beneficial to this ministry and you would like to volunteer your services (auto repair, construction, tile, electrical, etc.), then please let us know! You can email

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