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The world offers countless definitions of success for today’s woman. Family. Career. Friendships. Volunteering. Physical, emotional and spiritual health.  But the Bible tells us that our identity is found not in whom the world says we are but in whom God says we are. Our women’s ministry is designed to help us thrive as Christian women in the 21st century. We’re in this together, Daughters of the King, loving God, loving people & changing the world.


women's MINISTRY


Current study | Coffee, Tea & Free of me

Join us on Tuesday mornings from March 7th through April 11th (6 Weeks) over Coffee, Tea and Discussions on the Series "Free of Me"

Where: Grace Fellowship Church
When: Tuesday Mornings 10AM-11:30AM
Cost: FREE

Here we will look at our culture that's all about self, becoming the best “me” that you can be, instead of becoming like Jesus. These me-centered messages affect every area of our lives—our friendships, families, self-image, even our faith—and they negatively impact each one. The self-focused life robs us of our joy, shrinks our souls, and is a big reason that we never quite break free of insecurity.

This study with Sharon Hodde Miller, invites us into a bigger, Jesus-centered vision—one that restores our freedom and inspires us to live for more. Based on her book Free of Me, this study unveils our deepest insecurities and equips us to focus on God and others, instead of ourselves. Discover a purpose bigger than “project me” and experience freedom from the burden of self-focus.

Please reach out to Andrea Bronk with any questions


From our Spring Luncheon to our annual Women’s Conference, our events are always focused on growing spiritually as well as relationally. So, keep an eye out for special events coming up over the course of the year.  


We believe that all of the ministry should be done through relationships. So, we encourage everyone to get involved by volunteering or joining a Grace Group so that you can start building relationships with other women. We believe that God uses these relationships to strengthen the body of Christ and build the church.

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