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In some ways, the senior years can be really challenging. We have problems we didn’t have before.  We face challenges that are new to us. But we also have opportunities that we never had before.  The wisdom, knowledge, and experience of our seniors is at the foundation of who we are as a church.  Grace Seniors are changing the world by investing in others.  We serve each other, serve our families and serve our community. It’s a privilege because we know that in the end, we are really serving God.




If you’re at the stage in life where you’re able to take advantage of “senior discounts” around town, then this group is for you!

Our Senior Ministry is turning out to be one of the most fun ministries at Grace Fellowship! From holiday parties to group outings to community events and special events here at Grace Fellowship. There’s always something going on and/or something on the horizon.


We believe that all of ministry should be done through relationships. So, we encourage everyone to get involved by volunteering, joining a Grace Group and attending Senior events so that you can start building relationships with others. We believe that God uses these relationships to strengthen the body of Christ and build the church.

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If you have a need and you need some help please don't hesitate to contact us. We have several people that would love to help with many different needs. Whether you need a ride to a Doctor's Appointment or something fixed or moved around the house, we'd love to help! We can't meet every need, but we can definitely get practical when it comes to ministering in our community.

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