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For the Christian, all of life is meant to be an act of worship.  But there are some special times where we gather to worship God as a Christian community.  Our worship team is responsible for making those times all they can be.  From musicians and sound engineers to lighting technicians and set-up crews, the Grace Fellowship worship team is dedicated to helping us all exalt the name of Jesus.


worship ministry



The goal of our Sunday morning services is to help worshippers connect with and glorify God.  One of the primary ways we accomplish this is through music. Our Worship team comes together each week prepared and excited to lead our congregation in musical worship.


Our band is comprised of members of our church who are gifted to play an instrument and/or sing, and have developed the skill to do so with excellence. We prepare individually all week long and then show up each Sunday, before the first service, to rehearse and put it all together.


As an equally important part of our Worship Team, the Tech Team are those who run the Visuals/Video and the Audio (soundboard). They prepare the production during the week (lights, slides, video) and make sure it all runs smoothly during the service to help us worship together.

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