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Great things can happen when a band of brothers comes together for a purpose greater than themselves. Battles can be won.  Communities can be transformed. Families can be healthy again.  But we can’t do it alone.  God has a powerful calling on your life as a man.  He wants to change the world through you - Through us! Let’s stand together and become the men God created us to be. God can do amazing things in and through men who are marching together with each other and with Him.





One of the most practical ways to get involved in our Men’s Ministry is by attending our weekly Saturday Morning Bible Study. This Bible Study has proven to be very beneficial in not only learning foundational principles of our faith but also in getting to know one another.  

Saturday Morning Bible Study  |  8:00 am at Grace Fellowship.  

Join us on Saturday Mornings as we dig through the book of 1 Timothy together in our Church Classroom.

Retreats & Special Events

Our Men’s Ministry hosts several events throughout the year. From our annual Men’s Retreat to our special events like golfing and barbecuing. There are plenty of opportunities to get together and grow in spiritual maturity with each other.


We believe that all of ministry should be done through relationships. So, we encourage everyone to get involved by volunteering or joining a Grace Group so that you can start building relationships with other men. We believe that God uses these relationships to strengthen the body of Christ and build the church.

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