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Never before has being a young adult been so challenging and filled with opportunities. At Grace Fellowship, the young adults “do life together”.  We build real friendships, face real struggles, and experience real victories.  We’re not just floating through life; we’re changing the world one life at a time, and we’re doing it together.




Our Young Adult Group meets weekly to study scripture together. This is our most common gathering and it’s our favorite! To be able to actually know what God’s Word says about us and about the world in which we live is so important and we’re learning it together.

Thursday Evenings

On the 1st Thursday of the month, we meet in person to hang out and build relationships. On the other thursdays we meet online via Google Meet to discuss scripture and what it looks like to follow Christ in our daily lives. We study the bible, fellowship with each other, and grow in Christian maturity. 

If you'd like to join us, email youngadults@graceduarte.com to get a link or you join our group through the ChurchCenter App or by clicking here.


The first thing we encourage Young Adults to do is join our group chat. We’re constantly getting together to go out to eat, see a movie, celebrate birthdays or just about anything else that gives us an excuse to hang out. 


We believe that all of ministry should be done through relationships. So, we encourage everyone to get involved by volunteering and attending regularly so that you can start building relationships with other young adults. We believe that God uses these relationships to strengthen the body of Christ and build the church.