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Doug SpriggsDoug Spriggs - Senior Pastor

Pastor Doug Spriggs has been a part of the pastoral staff since 1989. He has been married to Kristy since 1986 and they have three great kids: Lisa, Garret, and Kimberly. He is a graduate of the Azusa Pacific University - Haggard School of Theology (M.A. Pastoral Studies) and is a gifted Bible teacher and leader.

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Robert SanwaldRobert Sanwald - Youth Ministry

Robert leads a team of volunteers who seek to come alongside parents, whenever possible, to help them disciple their teens. Robert loves God, teenagers and the Cleveland Browns (go figure). He is making a difference in the lives of teens as he helps them grow to be more like Christ, through relationship-based discipleship. Robert has been a part of Grace Fellowship for seven years. His (soon-to-be) wife, Rachel serves by his side. Together, with their team, they are changing the world one teenager at a time.

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Sally FidelSally Fidel - Office Manager

If anything goes smoothly at Grace Fellowship, you can be sure that Sally had a hand in it. If you call the church office, you are likely to hear her friendly voice on the phone. She brings organization to the work of the church and keeps us all on our toes.

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Ed BaldwinEd - Children's Ministry

Ed is a remarkably gifted teacher and leader who has devoted much of his life to helping children grow. He is retired from a great career as an educator. He holds multiple degrees in the field of education and has over 30 years of experience. He is a husband to Vicki and a father to Matt, David, Jenna and Katie. Ed and his family have been a part of the Grace Fellowship family for over 20 years.


Debbie EngebretsonDebbie Engebretson - Women's Ministry

Debbie has been the Director of Women's Ministry at Grace Fellowship since 1999. She has been married to Roger for over 35 years and they have two grown sons, Alex and Ben. She is a gifted speaker and she is eager to help women grow in their relationships with Christ and each other.

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Date Title Passage Speaker
2014-12-14 Are You Ready For Christmas? Selected Scriptures Doug Spriggs
2014-12-07 Exodus Pt. 12 Selected Scriptures Doug Spriggs
2014-11-23 Exodus Pt. 10 Exodus 33-34 Doug Spriggs
2014-11-16 Exodus Pt. 9 Exodus Doug Spriggs
2014-11-09 Exodus Pt. 8 Exodus 20-24 Doug Spriggs
2014-11-02 Exodus Pt. 7 Exodus 19 Doug Spriggs
2014-10-26 Grace 2.0 Selected Scriptures Doug Spriggs
2014-10-19 Exodus Pt. 6 Selected Scripture Doug Spriggs
2014-10-12 Exodus Pt. 5 Exodus 14:9-25 Doug Spriggs
2014-10-05 Exodus Pt. 4 Exodus 12:1-13 Doug Spriggs
2014-09-28 Exodus Pt. 3 Exodus 4:1-4 Doug Spriggs
2014-09-21 Exodus Pt. 2 Exodus 3:1-15 Doug Spriggs
2014-09-14 Exodus Exodus 3:1-2 Doug Spriggs
2014-09-07 Living the Dream Pt. 4 Selected Scriptures Doug Spriggs
2014-08-31 Living the Dream Pt. 3 Selected Scriptures Doug Spriggs
2014-08-24 Living the Dream Pt. 2 Selected Scriptures Doug Spriggs
2014-08-17 Living the Dream Selected Scriptures Doug Spriggs
2014-08-10 The Greatest Selected Scriptures Doug Spriggs
2014-08-03 Missions Team Testimonies Selected Scriptures Doug Spriggs
2014-07-27 Living Life on Purpose Pt. 4 Selected Scriptures Dave Denstaedt
2014-07-20 Living Life On Purpose Pt. 3 Selected Scriptures Dave Denstaedt
2014-07-13 Living Life on Purpose Pt. 2 Selected Scriptures Dave Denstaedt
2014-07-06 Living Life on Purpose Selected Scriptures Dave Denstaedt
2014-06-29 Understanding your Bible pt.3 Selected Scriptures Doug Spriggs
2014-06-24 You gotta be Crazy Pt. 4 Selected Scriptures Doug Spriggs
2014-06-22 You Gotta Be Crazy Pt. 3 Selected Scriptures Doug Spriggs
2014-06-15 You Gotta Be Crazy Pt.2 Matthew 14:22-33 Doug Spriggs
2014-06-10 Understanding Your Bible Pt. 2 Selected Scriptures Doug Spriggs
2014-06-08 You Gotta Be Crazy Matthew 14:22-33 Doug Spriggs
2014-06-03 Understanding Your Bible Pt. 1 Selected Scriptures Doug Spriggs
2014-06-01 Tenacious Trust Proverbs 3:5-6 Mark McGrath
2014-05-25 The Good Shepherd Pt. 2 Selected Scriptures Doug Spriggs
2014-05-18 The Good Shepherd Pt 1 Selected Scriptures Doug Spriggs
2014-05-11 Blindsided Pt. 3 Selected Scriptures Doug Spriggs
2014-05-04 Blindsided Pt. 2 Selected Scriptures Doug Spriggs
2014-04-27 Blindsided Pt. 1 Selected Scriptures Doug Spriggs
2014-04-20 He Is Risen! Selected Scriptures Doug Spriggs
2014-04-13 Vintage Jesus Pt. 8 Selected Scriptures Doug Spriggs
2014-04-06 Vintage Jesus Pt. 7 Selected Scriptures Doug Spriggs
2014-03-30 Vintage Jesus Pt. 6 Selected Scriptures Doug Spriggs
2014-03-23 Vintage Jesus Pt. 5 Selected Scriptures Doug Spriggs
2014-03-16 Vintage Jesus Pt. 4 Selected Scriptures Doug Spriggs
2014-03-09 Vintage Jesus Pt. 3 Selected Scriptures Doug Spriggs
2014-03-02 Vintage Jesus Pt. 2 Selected Scriptures Doug Spriggs
2014-02-23 Vintage Jesus Pt. 1 Selected Scriptures Doug Spriggs
2014-02-16 It's All Good James 1:2-4 Guest Speaker
2014-02-09 The Mission Pt. 5 Selected Scriptures Doug Spriggs
2014-02-02 The Mission Pt. 4 Selected Scriptures Doug Spriggs
Family Meeting 2014 Family Meeting 2014 N/A Doug Spriggs
2014-01-26 The Mission Pt. 3 Selected Scriptures Doug Spriggs
2014-01-19 The Mission Pt. 2 Selected Scriptures Doug Spriggs
2014-01-12 The Mission Pt. 1 Selected Scriptures Doug Spriggs
2014-01-05 Where do we go from here? Philippians 1:6 Doug Spriggs
2013-12-29 Responding to God's Blessings Luke 17:11-19 Doug Spriggs
2013-12-22 Making Room for Jesus Luke 2:1-7 Doug Spriggs
2013-12-08 Long Expected Jesus Genesis 3:1-15 Doug Spriggs
2013-12-01 Unwavering Hope Hebrews 6:3-19 Dave Denstaedt
2013-11-24 We Are Family Hebrews 10:24-25 Doug Spriggs
2013-11-17 Unwavering Hope Hebrews 10:23-25 Doug Spriggs
2013-11-10 Walking Toward Hope Luke 24:14-35 Doug Spriggs
2013-11-03 Hope At The End Of Your Rope John 5:1-9 Doug Spriggs
2013-10-27 Fearless Joshua 1-6 Doug Spriggs
2013-10-20 He Makes All Things New Selected Scriptures Doug Spriggs
2013-10-13 Walking like a Warrior Judges 6-8 Doug Spriggs
2013-10-06 No Fooling Selected Scriptures Doug Spriggs
2013-09-29 Responding to God Selected Scriptures Doug Spriggs
2013-09-22 A New Song Selected Scriptures Doug Spriggs
2013-09-15 Remember Jesus Romans 12:1 Doug Spriggs
2013-09-08 Living Life on Purpose 2 Chronicles 14-16 Dave Destaedt
2013-09-01 Living Sacrifice Romans 12:1 Doug Spriggs
2013-08-25 Heart of worship Selected Scriptures Doug Spriggs
2013-08-18 A Cautionary Tale 2 Chronicles 14-16 Doug Spriggs
2013-08-11 Gospel Music Colossians 3:16 Steve Baehr
2013-08-04 The Supremacy of Christ Colossians 1:15-22 Steve Baehr
2013-07-28 Come and Follow Selected Scriptures Doug Spriggs
2013-07-21 Self Control Galatians 5:22 Doug Spriggs
2013-07-07 Gentleness Galatians 5:22 Doug Spriggs
2013-06-30 Faithfulness Galatians 5:22 Doug Spriggs
2013-06-23 Goodness Galatians 5:22 Doug Spriggs
2013-06-16 The Benefit of the Law Deuteronomy 30:15-20 Steve Baehr
2013-06-09 Kindness Galatians 5:22 Doug Spriggs
2013-06-02 Patience Galatians 5:22 Doug Spriggs
2013-05-26 Peace Galatians 5:22 Doug Spriggs
2013-05-19 Walking in the Spirit Galatians 5:16 Dave Denstaedt
2013-05-12 In Joy Galatians 5:22 Doug Spriggs
2013-05-05 Where is the Love? Galatians 5:22 Doug Spriggs
2013-04-28 Flesh vs. Spirit Galatians 5:16-25 Doug Spriggs
2013-04-21 The Walk of Faith Hebrews 10:32-39 Doug Spriggs
2013-04-07 Opportunities Acts 21-28 Doug Spriggs
2013-03-24 Dollar Tree Idolatry Philippians 3:2-21 Steve Baehr
2013-03-17 A Shepherd's Farewell Acts 20:18-35 Doug Spriggs
2013-03-10 On the Throne Acts 19:23-27 Doug Spriggs
2013-03-03 Building Bridges Acts 17:16-34 Doug Spriggs
2013-02-24 When God Makes No Sense Acts 16 Doug Spriggs
2013-02-17 There's Just Something About Freedom Acts 13-15 Doug Spriggs
2013-01-27 On The Move - Part 2 Acts 13:1-3 Doug Spriggs
2013-01-20 On The Move - Part 1 Acts 13:1-3 Doug Spriggs
2013-01-13 The High Cost of Playing God Acts 12:1-19 Doug Spriggs
2013-01-06 Where Do We God From Here - Part 22 Philippians 1:6 Doug Spriggs
2012-12-30 Time Flies Ephesians 5:15-16 Doug Spriggs
2012-12-23 Christmas Focus Selected Scriptures Doug Spriggs
2012-12-16 Christmas Gifts Luke 2:8 Doug Spriggs
2012-12-09 Who You Gonna Call? Acts 12:1-19 Doug Spriggs
2012-12-02 Follow Jesus for a Change Acts 10 Doug Spriggs
2012-11-25 Directing Doubt Matthew 11:2-6 Steve Baehr
2012-11-18 A Light in the Darkness Acts 9:32-43 Doug Spriggs
2012-11-04 It is Finished John 19:30 Doug Spriggs
2012-10-28 To Samaria and Beyond Acts 8:25-40 Doug Spriggs
2012-10-21 A Grand Illusion Acts 8:9-24 Doug Spriggs
2012-10-14 Breaking the Huddle Acts 8:1-8 Doug Spriggs
2012-10-07 Mission Possible Acts 5:12-42 Doug Spriggs
2012-09-30 Come to the Table Selected Scriptures Doug Spriggs
2012-09-23 It's All About Him Acts 4:32-5:11 Doug Spriggs
2012-09-16 Can God Use Me? Acts 4:1-22 Doug Spriggs
2012-09-02 World-Changing Courage Selected Scriptures Doug Spriggs

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Grace Fellowship supports missionary efforts all throughout the globe. In addition to financially supporting thousands of missionaries around the world through the Cooperative Program, Grace Fellowship personally supports the work of full-time missionaries who make their living by sharing the gospel.

Bob and Judy WhiteBob and Judy White work with New Tribes Mission at the Missionary Training Center in Camdenton, MO. They train missionary candidates how to survive in remote areas around the globe, while lending technical support to other missionaries working in the same tribal locations. New Tribes Mission's primary goal is to penetrate un-reached people groups with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Grace Fellowship also supports missionaries whose sphere of ministry includes people groups that are very difficult to reach through traditional efforts. Because of the nature of the region in which they live and serve, posting information on our website potentially jeopardizes their life and ministry. However, these families depend on our support and encouragement. Please consider adding these families to your prayers. If you would like to learn more about how you can prayerfully and practically be a blessing to these families, please contact the church office.

MexicoIn addition to financially supporting full-time missionaries, Grace Fellowship has sent part-time missionaries to various locations around the world, including Mexico, El Salvador, Korea, China, Uganda, Las Vegas, NV, and skid row in Los Angeles, CA. Currently, Grace Fellowship is raising support for missionary efforts in Purdy, MO, Mount Shasta, CA, and Zimbabwe. We expect to increase our support for local and global missionary efforts as God continues to provide the manpower and resources.

Grace Groups

Grace Groups are the primary way adults at Grace Fellowship minister to each other. The purpose of these groups is to draw people into relationship with each other in such a way that they will do life together.

It's very difficult to describe true fellowship, and it's even more difficult to develop. During the course of a session with a Grace Group, you'll experience first-hand what it's like to have your life woven in with the body of Christ. It's not easy, but it is worth it.

At Grace Fellowship, we are about loving God, loving people and changing the world. By being a part of a Grace Group you will have the opportunity to do just that. For more information about Grace Groups, contact Pastor Doug.

Men's Ministry

The Men's Bible Study meets on Saturday mornings at 8:00am for most of the year. In addition, various outings and retreats are planned throughout the year. For more information about the Men's Ministry, contact Pastor Doug.

Women's Ministry

The Women's Ministry has various programs throughout the year from book studies to banquets and teas to an annual retreat in the fall. Debbie Engebretson also posts a devotional blog for women. For more information on Women's Ministry, contact Debbie Engebretson.

Steve BaehrAt Grace Fellowship, we invest much of our manpower and resources into helping teenagers grow as disciples of Jesus Christ. The Bible teaches that a teenager's primary source for biblical instruction and spiritual mentoring should be parents. As a result, our youth ministry is designed to be a resource to parents in discipling their children.

Many of the teens in our care are being discipled one-on-one or one-on-two by a member of the youth staff or another godly adult. For many students, this will be their only opportunity for deep and genuine spiritual growth so we're happy to provide counsel for them. However, it's always a joy for us to facilitate and encourage parents who take an active role in bringing up their children in the instruction and admonition of the Lord. We recognize the gravity of that task and make it our aim to support those parents who step up to the challenge. Through a variety of programs and events, we aim to see a growing number of teenagers grow as disciples of Jesus Christ.

If you would like more information about the details of the youth ministry and how your teenager might fit in, please feel free to send us an email. We'd love to meet with you and find out how we can support your parenting at this crucial season of your child's life.

What is The Green Box?

Wondering what's available for your kids on Sunday mornings? Here is some information about our Children's Ministry programs. If you'd like to see the facilities before the service starts, feel free to come a few minutes early. Greeters at the front door will be happy to show you to the classrooms and introduce you and your child to the teachers.

4-years-old through 6th grade

We believe it's important for kids to engage in worship along with the rest of the church body, so kids in this age group remain in the service until Pastor Doug dismisses them to Kids' Connection (after the singing). Once in the classroom, your child will learn a lesson from the Bible and will do other fun activities like crafts, songs, and games. We hope your child will be joining us this Sunday! You will not need to sign your child in to Kids' Connection, but for his or her safety, you will need to sign him or her out after the service.

6 weeks through 3 years

Children in this age group are welcome to be in the Nursery for the duration of the service. In the Nursery, your child will hear a short Bible story and get a coloring page to go with the story. Our Nursery also has loving volunteers and lots of toys for your child to play with. You will need to sign your child in to the Nursery before the service and out of the Nursery after the service.

Your child's safety and spiritual growth is important to us. That's why all of our Children's Ministry volunteers are screened and background-checked before they are able to serve in the classrooms.

What to Expect

The worship service starts promptly at 10:00am and is 90 minutes long at most. Most people dress casually and comfortably. Children 6 weeks to 3 years are provided nursery care which starts at 9:45am. Children 4 years to 6th grade begin in the service but are dismissed to Kids' Connection before the sermon. After the service, refreshments are served on the patio behind the sanctuary.

Our mission is to glorify God by continually striving to present every person complete in Christ through introducing people to Jesus, growing toward Christian maturity, developing as ministers, and mobilizing for local and world missions.

We believe that the Bible is the word of God, supernaturally inspired, so that it is inerrant in the original manuscripts and preserved by God in its verbal, complete inspiration, so that it is the divinely authoritative standard for every age and every life.

We believe that the Godhead exists eternally in three persons - Father, Son and Holy Spirit - and that these three are one God.

We believe in God as absolute and sole creator of the universe, and that creation was by divine fiat. Man is created in the likeness of God, apart from any evolutionary process.

We believe that God, by His sovereign choice and out of love for men, sent Christ into the world to save sinners. All people are sinners who fall short of the glory of God.

We believe that Jesus Christ, in the flesh, was both God and man, that He was born of a virgin and that He lived a sinless life, in which He taught and wrought mighty works and wonders and signs exactly as revealed in the four Gospels, that He was crucified, died as a penalty for our sins and was raised from the dead, bodily, on the third day. Later, He ascended to the Father's right hand where He is head of the church and intercedes for believers, and from whence He is coming again personally, bodily, visibly to this earth to set up His millennial kingdom.

We believe that since His death, by His shed blood, the Lord Jesus Christ made a perfect atonement for sin, redeeming us from the curse of the law by becoming a curse for us - men are saved, justified, on the simple and single ground of the shed blood.

We believe that such salvation with its forgiveness of sins, its impartation of a new nature and its hope of eternal life is entirely apart from good works, baptism, church membership or man's effort and is of pure grace.

We believe that a true believer is eternally secure and that he cannot lose his salvation, but that sin may interrupt the joy of his fellowship with God and bring the loving discipline of his Heavenly Father.

We believe that all who receive Christ become joint heirs with Christ and at death their spirits depart to be with Christ in conscious blessedness, and at the rapture their bodies will be raised to the likeness of the body of His glory and dwell forever in His divine presence.

We believe that it is the goal of every Christian to grow in spiritual maturity through obedience to the Word of God and the indwelling Spirit, as evidenced by the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

We believe that the Holy Spirit is a person, is God, and possesses all the divine attributes. He indwells all believers, baptizes and seals all believers at the moment of their salvation, and fills them in response to confession of sin and yieldedness.